Published on: 26 April 2022

Carbon credits concern all companies and communities in all sectors of activity. It is one of the most important tools in the fight against climate change. But what is it really about, what is it for?

In short, a "carbon credit" is a unit equivalent to one (01) tonne of CO2 avoided or sequestered. Through projects such as tree planting.
However, the project in question must comply with a list of criteria for these carbon credits to be effectively allocated.

Validity criteria?
  • Additionality (carbon emissions / lack of carbon sequestration would have occurred without this project)
  • Measurability (possibility to calculate the amount of CO2 avoided or sequestered based on a recognised methodology)
  • Verifiability (the actual sequestration sold must be verifiable and accounted for annually)
  • Permanence (carbon sequestration must take place over a minimum of 7 years)
A constantly growing market?

Carbon sequestration is usually natural but can also be industrial.
As a player in the field of reforestation, Bôndy obviously opts for natural sequestration.
This is done through various projects currently spread over 4 regions of Madagascar.
Indeed, in terms of volume, forest carbon credits are by far the most in demand for purchase.

But it is not only the forest!
Carbon sequestration projects in the oceans and in the soil are also topical (e.g. the mangrove project in the BOENY region)
Although more modest in terms of the volume of sequestration, they have major advantages such as the possibility of planting all year round.

Agroforestry, mangoves, or permaculture; Bôndy's objective goes beyond greening the big island. But to control the environmental impact of each project (vegetation, ecosystem, carbon sequestration).
And this, thanks to the expertise of the entire team (carbon pole, forestry technicians, agricultural technicians, project managers, etc.). 

Hand in hand with the young people and the locals, Bôndy's objective remains unchanged: To transform the red island into a green island!