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We are building innovative and sustainable solutions to ecological and economic challenges in Madagascar, positioning ourselves as the catalyst for regenerative and inclusive agriculture.
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Poverty & vulnerability

  • 92% of households are in poverty
  • Agriculture is the main sector of economic activity (25% of GDP)
  • 81.6% of the population lives on less than $2.15 per day

Exposure to climate change

  • 3rd country most affected by climate change
  • 1.1% of forest cover is destroyed every year
  • 75% of the original plant species have disappeared.

Food safety

  • 44% of the Malagasy population is food insecure
  • Nearly 50% of the population does not have improved drinking water
  • 3 out of 4 inhabitants are farmers
Local communities at the heart of our projects.

Our nature-based solutions

We have developed a solution platform dedicated to natural capital, for organizations around the world.


Invest in strategies that target high-quality carbon projects certified to internationally recognized standards.

Value Chain

Take advantage of our expertise to optimize your sourcing, by developing and implementing sustainable and inclusive agricultural supply chains, while ensuring full product traceability.


Engage in projects that preserve and restore natural capital, with a high social impact, aligned with your ambitious climate goals.


CAAT Research Center, Tamatave
Adapting farmers' practices to climate change, thanks to the CAAT research center, founded on the basis of international research partnerships.
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Value chain

Cocoa, Ambanja
Fight against erosion and the loss of soil fertility to ensure optimal cocoa production, regulate microclimatic conditions and strengthen farmers' self-sufficiency.
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Ma Honkô, mangroves
Restore 40 000 hectares of mangroves in 3 regions of Madagascar. This carbon project, develops income-generating activities for local communities, based on sustainable and harmonious exploitation of natural resources.
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