Tomorrow's agriculture is taking root here.

The challenge: Protect and restore Madagascar's unique biodiversity

A true sanctuary for nature, Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot, with the particularity of having one of the highest rates of endemism in the world.

But landscapes are deteriorating and ecosystems are collapsing. Farm families who depend on land and forests to survive are trapped in cycles of hunger and poverty.

The cause: The vulnerability of communities

Madagascar is the first country to face food distress linked to global warming.

Deforestation, land degradation, and biodiversity loss are all linked to our global consumer system. In order to produce enough food for consumption and sale, farmers are encouraged to overfarm their land. This unsustainable approach is hurting people and the planet.

The solution: Accelerate the agricultural transition

With our holistic model, we develop solutions alongside communities by aligning with their needs, giving priority to the autonomy and sustainability of projects. In particular by adapting farmers' agricultural practices in the face of climate challenges.

By creating virtuous and regenerative agricultural systems, we provide communities with the tools, training, and opportunities they need to thrive in the long term.
Customized, nature-based solutions

Our solution: an offer for 3
complementary pillars

take part in the project
Carbon advice & finance
  • Optimize and control your carbon trajectory
  • Support on regulatory and financial mechanisms
  • Recommend ethical and exemplary carbon devices
Restoring ecosystems and landscapes
  • Empowering rural communities
  • Restoring forests to preserve biodiversity
  • Develop agroforestry
  • Restoring and protecting soils
Value chain
Inclusive and sustainable agricultural sectors
  • Fighting poverty
  • Strengthening food security
  • Creating agricultural economic circuits in rural areas
  • Achieve standards by complying with certification processes

We are involved in the diagnostic phase right through to measuring the impact of your project.

Project co-designed with our partners
an innovative approach to communities
Realization, Control and monitoring of the project
Long-term Impact Tool and Measure

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