YOUTH4CLIMATE balance sheet

Published on: 05 October 2021

The Youth4Climate summit, organised by the UN, the World Bank and the British and Italian governments, took place in Milan from 28 to 30 September. Out of 9,000 applications received, 400 young people from 197 countries came together in this preparatory conference for COP 26.


Max Fontaine, CEO of Bôndy, had the honour and responsibility of representing Madagascar during the negotiations. The discussions were divided into 4 specific themes:

Young people's climate ambition

An economic recovery that must be sustainable,

  Involvement of non-state actors (private sector, NGOs, youth)

The emergence of a society aware of climate change and its impacts.



The final deliverable of these discussions is a negotiation document with concrete proposals that was handed over to the 59 ministers present on the last day of the summit from all over the world. (John Kerry, Boris Johnson, Mario Draghi ...) These documents will serve as a basis for the negotiations at COP 26 in Glasgow, from 1 to 12 November 2021. 




"It is crucial for Madagascar to participate in these intergovernmental negotiations. As a victim, non-responsible and extremely vulnerable country to the effects of climate change, Madagascar's voice must be heard and defended."

Max Fontaine, CEO Bôndy






Among the draft laws submitted, here are some that will be beneficial and feasible in the Malagasy context:


  1. Create a transparent and accountable climate finance system with strong carbon regulation, including the most vulnerable communities.
  2. Call on countries to urgently step up financial, administrative and logistical support for youth engagement to effectively drive climate ambition and action.


  1. Nature-based solutions must be prioritised as a key strategy to address the climate crisis and also emphasise the need for a socially just and equitable society.
  2. Improve actions for land, forest and water restoration, biodiversity conservation and integrated natural resource management by creating an open source platform to share models, tools and good practices.



Urge governments to create an environment for young people to engage in climate action through environmental organisations, community programmes and climate negotiations, by :
  1. Providing appropriate and inclusive capacity building and mentoring from an early age while engaging with policy makers and scientific experts;
  2. Remove barriers to active youth participation by institutionalizing the role of young people in climate decision-making processes;
  3. Improve the effectiveness of incubation models to support climate entrepreneurship.



Max Fontaine, Bôndy's CEO, will also participate in the COP2026 summit, which will start at the end of October 2021, carrying the colours of his country, Madagascar.